Words of Wisdom From Little Ones

Words of Wisdom from Little Ones

As exhausting, frustrating, thankless and disappointing it can be to be a mother it can also be rewarding, beautiful and often times hilarious. How many times have we text a grandparent, phoned a friend or shared with family the hilarious things our kiddos have said. I decided with so much heartache in the world and so much negativity on the T.V , we mamas could use a dose of good old-fashioned laughter to get us through today. So, here are a few of my favorite quotes from the greatest comedians in our lives.

Words of Wisdom from our Little Ones

Ten Funny Things our kids have said:

  1. 3 year-old- ” I’m hungry, when is dinner?” Aunt-, “about a half an hour.” 3 year old- “That’s too long, lets order pizza!!
  2. Daddy asks- “Should mommy have another baby?” Little boy responds- “No, mommy’s tired.”
  3. 3 year-old- ” Here it goes like this” (demonstrates an activity) Baby performs activity satisfactorily and 3-year old responds “Yay, now you can do all my chores for me!” (Skips away singing.)
  4. At a funeral, a little boy asks, “Is that (pile of dirt) dinosaur poop?”
  5. 3 year-old sings the alphabet- “A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y…Hey! Where’s that sticker?”
  6. 6. Random lady at the park asks her son to go down the slide on his butt. A four-year old overhears, approaches her and says, “Excuse me that mom, please don’t say that word around me.”
  7. 4 year old- “Can we get a kitten?” Dad-, “no I’m allergic.” 4 year-old- “You could sleep outside.”
  8. 6 year-old- “Why do bad guys always want to take over?” Dad- “Because they want to be in charge and make all the rules.” 6 year-old- “Why don’t they just become moms?”
  9. Little girl asks- “Why would someone dress like a hamster?” Mom- “You mean a ‘hipster’?” Little girl- “What’s the difference?”
  10. 4 year-old boy- “What happens if you drop your phone in the toilet?” Mom- “Why?” Little boy- “Nevermind.”

So lets slow down…

There are a lot of things we can learn from our kids; the wonder of a rainbow, the joy of a sunny day, the simple pleasure in riding a bike. But the one thing I have come to value more and more every day is the humor to be found in each situation. I was talking to my sister about this and she mentioned how she wished she was better at writing down the crazy things her kids say. She likes to look back on them and chuckle when they are driving her nuts and she is seriously considering running away (not for real though, she’s a great mom who would never abandon her kiddos). But what she said is so true. What if we spent more time jotting down the funny moments (and I don’t mean on social media) so that when the days feel long we can remember to laugh a bit.

Words of wisdom from our little ones

I hope today’s post made you smile and reminds you to take a breath and value the laughter. What makes you laugh? What kinds of crazy things have your kids said? Leave your comment below, I’d love to laugh with you!!


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