The Start of a Tiny Journey

The Start of a Tiny Journey

The beginning…

To say this is the beginning of our tiny journey doesn’t seem completely accurate. My husband and I were married six years ago and I would say that was the beginning of the tiny journey though we didn’t know it at the time. Our first apartment was 700 square feet and we loved every little inch of it. Since then, we’ve owned a 2000 square foot town home, lived in my old bedroom at my parent’s house, rented a 1000 square foot apartment (which we fit six adults and two toddlers in for the most memorable Christmas to date) and moved back into my parent’s house this time taking three of the rooms (our family has gone from two to three!)

Every move is an opportunity to downsize our possessions for two reasons. First, because financially it makes sense not to have to pay for moving and storing items we could really live without and second, because I feel free looking at my things and not finding satisfaction or fulfillment in them. I smile thinking about all the items we left behind and how another family is probably using them and loving them even more than we did. With each load we drop off at our local donation center my idea of what house and home changes. The idea that a home is large and spacious is quickly being replaced with a love and desire for owning only the space we would actually use.

During this time I was introduced to the Tiny House movement and loved the idea of living more financially free and with less clutter. I still wasn’t convinced this would practically work for my family but I wasn’t ready to dismiss the idea completely and respected those families that were willing to give it a try.

And now…

So, now that I’ve condensed six years into a few sentences it brings me to today, Sunday March 12th, the day the dots connected and we were ready to fling ourselves into the Tiny movement.

We’ve been living with my parents for a year now. My husband had a job change, we had our daughter and were dealing with all the financial burdens that come with those big life events. We love living here. I love and cherish watching my daughter share books with her Opa, giggle with her Nona and have people around to share first foods, first steps and first words with. But this time has shown me that even living with others it’s important to have a private space. Unfortunately, their current home doesn’t allow for this space. To have the financial freedom Jon and I desire and space of our own would require years and years of saving before it was possible. So, the journey for a simpler life has begun.

Though the actual move into our Tiny Home is still some time away, Jon and I are taking the steps to make that moment a reality and this is our journey 😊


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