Once Upon a Farm: A Review

Once Upon a Farm: A Review

You should know I don’t really care for review posts. The internet is littered with them. Everyone has an opinion and sometimes it’s hard to sort through what’s valuable and what is just another… well… opinion. So why do I write them? Good question. I write them because occasionally, I come across something I truly feel passionate about as a mom. A few weeks ago, I talked about BodyBoss (you can read about it here) and how it has helped boost my confidence and motivate me towards a healthy lifestyle. Today I want to talk about food pouches, specifically Once Upon a Farm.

After all, if I’m leading a healthy lifestyle than my kids should too.

Once Upon a Farm: A Review

How it all Began

I first stumbled across this company months ago on my Instagram feed. The company was intriguing and I spent time visiting their website and checking out their products. Their objective is to provide “homemade” food pouches for the mama who doesn’t have time to spend making their own. I was tempted to give their free trial a try but at the last minute decided my baby didn’t need gourmet food no matter how fresh it was. So, I ditched my full shopping cart and moved on. Last month, I came across their name again and this time I thought “What the heck” and pressed the ‘order’ button.

Within a few days a cooler showed up on my door step with 8 pouches nestled within it’s cool confines.


What is Once Upon a Farm?

I should back up here and give you an idea of how this works. Once Upon a Farm is a subscription service. For about $60 a month you get 24 pouches (works out to be about $2.5/pouch) and a freebie like a new snack to try, or a new item from the Once Upon a Farm shop. Before your pouches come, you have the opportunity to go online and select the flavors you would like to see on your door step that month. You can cancel anytime so if, after a few months, you decide it’s not a good fit there is no problem ending your subscription. They are cold pressed so they do require refrigeration at home.

Once Upon a Farm: A Review





Flavor Combinations

Gluten Free




Refrigeration doesn’t always make them super convenient to travel with


Ladies, my sister, and I are obsessed. We may enjoy these more than the kiddos but it’s a tossup because they love them. The ingredient list reads just like if I were to make them from home (blueberries, sweet potatoes, coconut oil et.)  However, what we love most about these pouches is the fact that because their ingredients are so fresh, they are a lot of fun to mix in to your favorite recipes at home to get an extra dose of fruit or vegis.

Here are a couple of ways my sister and I use our pouches and some of our favorite combinations.

Magic Velvet Mango – add to fresh or frozen fruit, some yogurt and a dash of orange juice for a smoothie your kids will want more of.

Fairest of Pears – Keep it simple and add it to your favorite plain organic or Greek yogurt.

Chocolate Ever After– Freeze bananas that are browning, once completely frozen, toss into a food processor until creamy (making delicious banana ice cream) add a bit of milk until you achieve your desired consistency. Once you’ve perfected your ‘ice cream’ add this pouch. Who doesn’t like chocolate??

Spiced Apple– add to your pancake or waffle batter for an autumnal flair on an old classic. (We’ve also added this to a simple muffin recipe…delicious.)

Once Upon a Farm: A ReviewIt has become a game to see how many creative ways we can find to use these pouches. And on days when it is particularly difficult to get the kiddos to eat fruits or vegis, it’s nice to know we can slip these pouches into some of their favorite foods knowing they are getting a dose of good nutrients.

Despite the slightly pricy tag on these lovelies, we are hooked and look forward to our box each month. Once Upon a Farm offers a free trial ($10 for the shipping) and I encourage you to try them and then let me know what your favorite way to eat them is.


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